"Throughout history it has been the inaction of those who could have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better,and the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph" 

H.I.M. Haile Selassie

Welcome to the Justice Reform Coalition!!!!

Established in 2005, the JRC is a citizen's civil and legal oversight  and advocacy organization. Working with victims of the system to get them justice in their individual cases. Challenging the courts and their officials, standing up to law enforcement, helping citizens to hold officials accountable, working with other progressive organizations, and the training and support of community advocates, has made our past thirteen years full. This has made us stronger, more capable and more focussed on our goal of equal rights and justice for all.

We are proud of our advocates and activists and the work they do together. Because that is the JRC. Using our resources, learning experience, and strength, to be able to stand up and assert our rights together for ourselves and our communities, to bring "EQUAL RIGHTS AND JUSTICE FOR ALL".



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For years we've thought, wouldn't it be great if we could get some journalist or news agency to really investigate our cases, and work along with us to really put a public spotlight on the crimes being committed by government agencies and officials under the color of law. But what would be even better is if we built and sponsored our own alternative, investigative news agency dedicated to doing just that. SO, that's what we decided to do. Thus was born the new JRC NEWS MEDIA GROUP aka JRC NEWS.

rhansenIn it you will find the writings, thoughts, and opinions of the activists and advocates of the JRC and our collaborators. You will also find action updates on current and future projects, activities, and cases of the JRC, as well as our research on various issues we advocate for.

We knew we would need someone who would have the skills to help put it together, run it, and shared our passion for the truth and "equal Rights and Justice For All". Someone willing and wanting to put the time and energy in to make it happen. That person is Robert Hanson, our new media chair. Robert is an investigative journalist with a keen focus for exposing corruption and abuse. His work can be found on the Newsbreak news website and the People's Vanguard of Davis (Davis Vanguard).He will be joined by some other like minded media folks to bring this new media enterprise to fruition.




In order to consolidate our community outreach, we have formed the Momma Justice Committee (MJC), chaired by Laura Byrd, an awesome community advocate for many years.She is an experienced knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, and a no nonsense advocate.

This committee is tasked with several important functions previously done by other committees of the JRC. First, this will be the main place for the community to interact and make contact with us, as well as doing our community outreach. The MJC now handles our case intakes. They work with people, and their families, to help them understand and navigate the legal process, know their rights, and coordinate plans and actions to help address and resolve their issue.

The MJC has also taken on the functions of our medical advocacy group. Especially concentrating on abuse of incarcerated and institutionalized individuals.


The MJC), is also formed to advocate for medical patient rights and address medical malfeasance . The group held a press conference to address issues of the medical abuse of women of color.. MORE


The JRC has been addressing the abuse of mentally and emotionally challenged people in State facilities. Because of the closing of most of the State mental facilities since the Eighties, most folks committed for "mental" reasons end up in prisons even if they haven't committed a crime. MORE


In September of 2021, the second of two medical patient/inmates, Chad Gram, who had been incarcerated in California State mental facilities, was finally released. That made two for the year. In fact, both men were from the same family. The other man is Chad's uncle, Kerry Gram. Their cases were not related. These releases were years long in achieving, but the JRC and the family never gave up. Thanks to sister and mother, Denise Gram who has been a true warrior for the cause. The abuse and retaliation they received for advocating for their rights was appaling, but typical of CA DSH. Pysically and mentally abused. Being held longer than they ever should have been. There are thousands of people like them, languishing in these prison/hospitals here in California. Many of whom, never should have been placed there. But, they are people of color, especially Black, and or poor.


On 4/8/2022 the JRC had its first meeting with CA DSH, a two and a half year process. We addressed their systemic issues and the incredibly poor treatment of their charges weather criminally charged or not. These are some of the most corrupt, abusive folks we've had to deal with. The State Hospital system in Califormia is a quagmire of purposefully broken spirits never being allowed to heal, in order to keep the sytem of abuse going and the funds rolling in. We've managed to free a few people, but the powers that be seem to only be interested in protecting the status-quo and turning a blind eye to its problem.




We are calling for massive reform of CPS or for them to voluntarily close down pending an investigation into their patterns and practices.

The coalition is addressing the egregious actions habitually taken by CPS and the Family Courts for years in taking children from their families without merit and justification, the abuse of children while in the hands of CPS, the murder of numerous children due to CPS failure of oversight and accountability, and much more.

The Justice Reform Coalition’s Executive Director, Rev. Ashiya Odeye’ says: “For far too long, CPS has terrorized numerous families with their kidnapping of children. CPS workers lying, making false claims of abuse, manufacturing false and minipulated accusatory documents against the parent, losing, ignoring, and disallowing factual documents and evidence favoring the parent, accusing parents of negligence and harm towards their children, holding secret collusive meetings with officials prior to an accused parent’s hearing in court, and more. There is no transparency, no oversight and no accountability throughout this process", said Rev. Odeye’.  "Families and children are at the mercy of these corrupt and wilful officials, with the complicity of the courts.  CPS was supposed to help families and children, not destroy them. Trafficking in our children for profit and contro seems to be their major goal.”


We have put together a platform with other advocates and organizations to begin to address community concerns and the lack of any oversite in this matter. Read It Here


Our CPS & Family Court group has been working quietly and not so quietly to enfluence changes in the CPS/Family Court system. READ MORE HERE





Homelessness is growing at an epidemic rate in this country, and California is leading the way. Even though the state has put billions of dollars toward the issue, the problem continues to grow. With this amount of money in play, a whole industry has grown with it. Instead of giving direct assistance to the people affected, the money is given to government agencies and a whole slew of so-called homeless and housing agencies as go betweens that eek out enough funds to make it look like they do something, but fail miserably to help people truly gain a foothold, only to watch those people ultimately return to a homeless condition as these agencies and the so-called service agencies they're in league with, line their coffers. Then, when they are questioned about the failure, they blame it on the people. We call it the homeless industrial complex. Like all the industrial complexes in this country, they fail to serve or show concern, or compassion for the public.

In truth, the state could have given every homeless or poor person in the state a $100,000 or more, and more effectively eliminated homelessness and poverty in the state, and spent far less money than $9.3 billion it's spent in the last three years.

The JRC has been asissting the homeless since the days of the Occupy Movement. Over the past three years we have been watching Sacramento County's homeless efforts fizzle into fraud and failure. Over the past year we have been questioning authorities about the operation of the County homeless progarms with no real satisfactory replies. So, we've begun our own investigations.




crossroadsEducation advocacy has been a part of the JRC since its inception. Led by our Ed Chair, Darlene Anderson, over the years the JRC has been a staunch proponent of students rights and educational reform. Especially as it pertains to the failure of the school districts to competently and equally educate Black, Brown, and special needs youth. During that time, we've been focused on the failure of the school districts to be accountable for these failures and their terrible lack of fiduciary responsibility and ability to truthfully and adequately document their adherence to their directives which requires them to focus on the unequal education of Black, Brown, and special needs students, as they are obligated to, because they receive government funding. We've questioned at all levels of education administration and government. Filing complaint after complaint, review after review, document request after document request. Having the U.S Department of Justice Education Division( pre Trump), agree with our assesments, giving us the right to sue and instructing various school districts to cooperate with our inquiries. Districts promising to do better. Still we have seen little or no movement towards equity and equality. In fact, in many instances things are worse, with no voluntary movement towards change.

We are now ready to move to the next phase, which is to educate the community and to publicly challenge the school districts in Federal Court, and in the public eye.

***If this is of concern to you, and you have the passion, come join us. Contact our Ed Chair,Darlene Anderson.***

"Throughout history it has been the inaction of those who could have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better,and the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph" 

H.I.M. Haile Selassie